Budapest Waterworks

The mission of our company is to provide excellent quality potable water on the long run at affordable prices. In addition to favourable environmental and hydro-geological conditions, preservation of an excellent water quality also requires high standard and technically sustainable operation and improvement of the environmental and water resource protection activities in the entire area of water procurement, which we want to achieve through the reinforcement of our corporate responsibility.

Hungarian Water Cluster

The Hungarian Water Cluster was established in 2008 with a goal to collect Hungarian companies from different fields of the water industry to unite their expertise, knowledge, know-how, capacity and vitality as well as to offer complex solutions in water issues to potential partners abroad.

Pureco Ltd.

We design-build, operate and maintain water and waste-water treatment facilities with special devotion and professionalism in the fields of drinking water purification, communal and industrial wastewater and landfill leachate treatment, ground water remediation, stormwater collection and treatment while respecting site environments whether it is natural or urban.

BDL Environmental Consulting Ltd.

The BDL Environmental Ltd. is an excellent, reliable, professional partner in all aspects of water management. We conduct our activities with special devotion and a deep commitment to professionalism in the fields of drinking water purification, wastewater treatment, stormwater collection and treatment, environmental remediation, and sustainable asset and utility managements alike.

VTK Innosystem Ltd.

VTK Innosystem Ltd is one of Hungary’s well-known and acknowledged water management and environmental consulting companies that provide professional technical services. Our company gives broad-spectrum support on the fields of water management and environmental protection to governmental, non-governmental, industrial and military customers.

Tradeland Ltd.

In recent years, Hungarian-owned Tradeland Ltd. possessing over a decade of professional business experience, became a leading enterprise in European/ Hungarian-Chinese / South-East Asian trade relations.