The ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center founded in China, is a permanent research and development organization in water S&T cooperation under the framework of ASEM mechanism, which has been running smoothly for 15 years. The major objectives of the Center are to cultivate an effective mechanism, a high-quality work team and a well-established platform in water resources research and development, and gradually make it a multi-facets one, i.e. the center for Asian-European S&T research and coordination with international influence and charisma, the center of policy recommendations and technological consultations, the center of technological training and exchange, the R&D and test center for new products, and the demonstration & extension center for research achievements.

As one of the fundamental natural resources and strategic economic resources, as well as a controlling element influencing eco-environment, water is vital for human survival and sustainable socio-economic development. Sustainable use and integrated management of water resources also play a key role in addressing global climate change. With rapid development of world economy, negative factors such as population growth, eco-environment deterioration and ill-management, have further exacerbated the crisis of fresh water. Thus in the face of common challenges, Asian-European countries have to effectively solve problems of water supply, drought, floods, soil erosion, and water pollution etc., accelerate the progress of sustainable water use and integrated management, and promote the exploration and demonstration of water-saving technologies.

The inaugural ASEM Summit (ASEM 1) was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 1996. In 1999, the ASEM Science and Technology Ministers Meeting convened in Beijing put forward the proposal of strengthening S&T cooperation in water resources management. In 2002, ASEM Forum on Water Resources Management was held in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, adopting a Changsha Declaration on Asian-European S&T Cooperation in Water Resources Management. Later in 2005, Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and the European Union (EU) launched “Multi-stakeholder Platform for ASEM S&T Cooperation on Sustainable Water Use” (ASEMWATERNET), a project under EU Sixth Framework Program 6 (FP6). In 2009, ASEM Forum on Water Resources Management was hosted by Changsha, Hunan, China. At the meeting, representatives from both Asia and Europe reached a consensus on relevant priority themes as well as joint actions, and endorsed a Changsha Initiative with aims to set up a long-term cooperation mechanism for sustainable water use.

On 4 and 5 October 2010, the Eighth ASEM Summit (ASEM 8) was hosted by Belgium in Brussels. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao attended the opening ceremony and proposed in his speech to establish an ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center in Hunan Province, with a view to promoting sustainable development in Asia and Europe through S&T collaboration and capacity improvement in water resources management. The initiative was welcomed by ASEM members and recorded in the “Advance on the Path of Sustainable Development” section of the Chair’s Statement as one of the important deliverables of the Summit.

Based on the principles of equality, opening-up and mutual benefits, the Center is officially founded in Changsha, Hunan, China in 2011 in the framework of ASEM. Being a regional organization specializing in science and technology cooperation and a public non-profit international organization, our center expects to unite related governments, universities, institutions and high-tech enterprises. On one side, the Center is to strengthen regional collaborations and facilitate the establishment of a long-term partnership among Asia-Europe water resources research institutes; to develop research network and create synergies through cooperative research, in a bid to jointly address common concerns about water use and water environment governance. On the other side, it is to submit policy recommendations and technical consultations to ASEM as well as Asian-European states and governments on sustainable water use and integrated management, strategic planning and action plans, etc.

The Hungarian Water Cluster was established in 2008 with a goal to collect Hungarian companies from different fields of the water industry to unite their expertise, knowledge, know-how, capacity and vitality as well as to offer complex solutions in water issues to potential partners abroad.

The solutions offered by the Hungarian Water Cluster are customized to individual and specific local requirements. The activities of the Cluster cover the whole scale of the water industry. Currently there are 31-member companies.

The management of the Cluster has a decisive role in the leadership of Hungarian (HWA Hungarian Water Association, HWUA Hungarian Water Utility Association), and international (EWA European Water Association, ASEM Water Asia – Europe Meeting Water Resources Research & Development Centre) professional organisations. The representatives of our member companies are regular participants of the business delegations accompanying the international meetings of the Hungarian Government.

The Hungarian Water Cluster had the honour to organize the Sustainable Water Solution EXPO in the framework of the Budapest Water Summit 2016.

The great advantage of the Hungarian Water Cluster is its ability to offer world-class solutions from a single source in every field of the water industry.

In the area of water treatment, we design, construct and reconstruct water treatment plants, different structures, utility networks and wells. We offer water loss analysis, as well as mobile water treatment equipment.

In the field of wastewater, we design, construct and reconstruct municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, municipal and industrial drainage systems besides we carry out biotechnological research.

We also have answers to stormwater, flood, inland water and ground water problems. We are ahead in stormwater management (drainage, storage, infiltration), we offer flood protection solutions.

Our engineering companies are aware and apply successfully the advanced technologies of the water industry.

We offer solutions for geotechnical problems (erosion control, retaining walls, mass stabilization) and for treatment of contaminated groundwater.

Some of our members have great experience in operation of water and wastewater plants.

We offer business consulting, project management and IT services.

Our member companies have more than 30 patented products or technologies

Who we are

The European Water Association (EWA) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit making organisation dealing with the management and improvement of the water environment.

It is one of the major professional associations in Europe that covers the whole water sector, wastewater as well as drinking water and water related waste.

With member associations from nearly all European countries EWA consists of most European Union Member States, including all countries from Central and Eastern Europe which joined the European Union on 1 May 2004. Other European countries represented within the EWA are Croatia, Russia, Serbia, Norway, and Switzerland.

Aim of EWA

The aim of EWA is to provide a forum for the discussion of key technical and policy issues affecting the growing European region. This is done through conferences, workshops, meetings and special working groups of experts all organised on an international basis together with regular publications.

EWA informs its members on the development of EU legislation and standardisation and seeks to influence the drafting when appropriate. It has close contacts with the European Commission (DG Environment), the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Parliament.

Through this exchange of knowledge the objective of EWA is to contribute to sustainable water management, a safe water supply and the protection of the water and soilenvironment.

Founded 1981

The European Water Association (EWA) was founded on 22 June 1981 of the International Trade Fair for Wastewater and Waste Disposal (IFAT) in Munich, Germany, as the European Water Pollution Control Association. The scope of the Association was enlarged in 1999 with the change of name to the European Water Association.

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Today, EWA consists today of about 25 European national associations each representing professionals and technicians for wastewater and water utilities, academics, consultants and contractors as well as a growing number of corporate member firms and enterprises. EWA thus represents about 55,000 professional individuals working in the broad field of water management.

Hungarian Water Association (HWA)

Hungarian Water Association (HWA) is a non-profit federation that has been providing active community for water professionals, opinion leaders, decision makers, water companies and individuals for more than twenty years. HWAmeans a professional source of knowledge, experience and activities for sustainable urban and basin related water solutions.

Leadership. Professional commitment. Collaboration. Scholarship. Service. Added value. Knowledge sharing. Representing sectoral interest. Supporting the YWPs. These are the core values that guide the Hungarian Water Association and its members in fulfilling our mission of save our waters.

HWA’s main aims is to provide qualified but yet independent professional services and assistance to experts in the field of urban water management and to the domestic water sector.

Our goal is to establish strong international network by linking partners, suppliers and specialists, as well as to facilitate knowledge transfer, continuous improvement of water management related know-how, and to promote innovation widely.

Building an independent professional network based on the world-wide recognized Hungarian professional water knowledge and experience. Providing professional platform for everyone who feels responsibility for our environment and waters. Connecting people to share knowledge, experience and know- how about the most pressing water challenges and innovative solutions. Developing, providing and promoting best practices and water related international frameworks and standards, supporting transitions to sustainable practices.

Inclusiveness: we are inclusive and embrace the diversity of our membership and participants, bringing together people from around the water sector and from a wide range of professions who are concerned with the future of water.
Science & Practice-Based: we are science and practice-based, exploring the frontiers of science, technology and practice and bringing to practice innovative solutions for urban and basin-wide water and sanitation challenges.
Service Oriented: we provide outstanding services that support and inspire our members, participants, partners and others and help them to be successful in realizing our common goals.

Wide network: With effective cooperation with partner organisations and with playing important roles in national and international organisations e.g. past presidency of European Water Association, vice presidency of Eurasian ASEM Water Academic Development Committee, membership of the steering group of European Innovation Partnership on Water HWA is operating a well-functioning professional network that provides additional benefits for the members.
We are pleased to welcome you among our members if you would like to contribute to and maintain an open, transparent and regular dialogue with representative associations and water-smart civil society.

Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is an inter-governmental, not-for-profit organisation which strengthens relations between Asia and Europe. ASEF is the only permanently established institution of ASEM and is funded by voluntary contributions from its member governments and shares the financing of its projects with its civil society partners across Asia and Europe.

Bringing Asia and Europe Together

ASEF goals:

  • Strengthen Asia-Europe ties
  • Create shared experiences for learning and dialogue
  • Enhance mutual understanding
  • Explore opportunities for cooperation


ASEF is a unique meeting point for intellectual, cultural, and personal interactions between Asia and Europe. They believe that bringing these two continents together in mutual dialog and exchange will ultimately contribute towards their common development and prosperity, as well as to world peace and stability.

ASEF focuses on developing networks that help strengthen Asia-Europe relations. They work towards this by setting up platforms for shared learning experiences and the exchange of ideas. These include seminars, workshops, conferences, publications, exhibitions, lecture tours, and web-based networks.

In the last 18 years, ASEF has brought together more than 20,000 people from Asia and Europe and implemented over 700 projects covering the areas of Culture, Economy, Education, Governance, Public Health and Sustainable Development.