The ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center (ASEM Water) aims to provide a platform for all ASEM members with interests in water resources to strengthen exchange and cooperation. Besides R&D activities and academic consultations ASEM Water is active in organising professional and technical meetings, workshops, conferences, seminars focusing on the most challenging water related questions, achievements and tasks. President of Hungarian Water Cluster is playing leading role in ASEM Water as vice president of the Academic and Development Committee.

ASEM WATER organizes international seminars in every second year on sustainable water management and water sector issues. Based on the success and results of the ASEM Water seminars of the previous year’s parties concerned decided to organise the forthcoming seminar in Europe. Building on the successful cooperation between Hungarian Water Cluster and European Water Association, Hungary is given the opportunity to host the next event in 2018.

3rd ASEM Seminar on Urban Water Management with focus of urban solutions for global challenges will be organized on 12-14th September in Budapest, under the patronage of Mr János Áder, President of Hungary.

The aim of the Seminar is to establish an international multi-stakeholder forum and network on sustainable water management from a European and Asian perspective, providing opportunities to discuss the challenges and best practices, exchange experiences, and seek solutions. The Seminar fosters dialogues among the governments, private sector, academia, and the civil society from Europe and Asia in the field of integrated and sustainable water management.


08:00-20:00                          Arrival of Delegates and Registration

19:00-20:30                          Welcome Gala Dinner (upon invitation)

08:00-09:00                          Registration

09:00-09:35                          Opening Ceremony

  • Address by a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary
  • Mr István Joó, Ministerial Commissioner for Water Diplomacy, Export and the Danube Region Strategy – tbc
  • Address by a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of Science and Technology, China
  • Address by a representative from the Asia-Europe Foundation(ASEF)
  • Address by a representative from Europe
  • Mr José Saldanha Matos, President of European Water Association – tbc
  • Mr Károly Kovács, President of Hungarian Water Cluster
  • Address by a representative from Asia
  • Address by a representative from Hunan Provincial Government

09:35-09:45                          Photo Session

09:45-10:00                          Coffee Break

10:00-11:15                          PLENARY SESSION I.

Water security in the context of climate change

Chairman:                             Mr Zhang Yixin, Head of Suzhou Urban and Environment Institute Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

  • Mr Wang Hao, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR) – tbc
  • Mr Cao Lai Quang, Chairman, Vietnam Water Supply and Sewerage Association
  • Mr András Szöllősi-Nagy, Professor, President of the Institute for Sustainable Development Studies, National University of Public Service Hungary (NUPS), Chairperson, International Hydrological Programme, UNESCO – tbc
  • Mr János Bogárdi, Director of the United Nations University – Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) in Bonn, Germany – tbc
  • Mr Géza Csörnyei, Operational Director, Budapest Waterworks – tbc

11:15-11:45                         Discussion and Q&A

11:45-14:00                          Buffet Lunch

14:00-15:15                          PLENARY SESSION II.

Infrastructure development – professional decision-making, optimal solutions

  • Mr Su Ninghu, Professor, James Cook University, Australia
  • Mr Orlin Dikov – Representative of World Bank – tbc
  • Mr Hakan Tropp, Head of the OECD Water Governance Programme within the Division “Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development, OECD – confirmed
  • Ms Zsuzsanna Lehoczki, International Director, Trenecon-COWI Ltd. – tbc
  • Mr Károly Kovács, past president, European Water Association

15:15-15:45                          Discussion and Q&A

15:45-16:00                          Coffee Break

16:00-17:15                          PLENARY SESSION III.

Integrated urban water management

  • Mr Cheng Xiaotao, Chairman/professor-level senior engineer of Urban Hydropower Special Committee, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research (IWHR)
  • Ms Liu Yue, General manager of South China, Institute for Technical and Scientific Hydrology Ltd. Hannover, Germany
  • Mr Yao Jie, Deputy director, The Department of Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Lv Qianming, General manager of DHI Chinese Business, DHI
  • Mr Hou Li’an, Chinese Academy of Engineering – tbc
  • Mr Kálmán Buzás, Professor, Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics – tbc

17:15-17:45                          Discussion and Q&A

09:00-09:50                                            PLENARY SESSION IV.

Good practices in the preparation of infrastructure development projects

  • Mr Yu Xuezhong, Chief engineer/professor-level senior engineer, Shenzhen Yonker Water Affairs Co., Ltd.
  • Ms Ren Xinxin, Sponge City Construction Expert Committee of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China
  • Mr Ma Yichao, Chief expert, the head of the Department of Ecology, Zhejiang Design Institute of Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Power
  • Mr Eckart Tronnier, Head of Water and Wastewater Division, JASPERS, Luxemburg – tbc
  • Mr Bálint Horváth, Business Development Director, Hungarian Water Cluster – tbc
  • Mr Gábor Szőcs, Director, International Organizations and Foreign Representatives, Eximbank – confirmed

09:50-10:10                          Discussion and Q&A

10:10-10:20                          Coffee break

10:20-11:35                                           PLENARY SESSION V.        

Experience on integrated urban water management – smart cities, innovation, toward water-smart society, and you could invite the related filed (reuse of municipal rain and wastewater)

  • Mr Christoph Leptien, representative of European Policy Committee of European Water Association – tbc
  • Mr José Saldanha Matos, president, European Water Association – tbc
  • representative of PUB, The Singapore’s National Water Agency – tbc

11:35-11:55                          Discussion and Q&A

11:55-13:00                          Lunch break

CLOSING PLENARY SESSION                             Review of the Seminar

13:00-13:30                          Summary & Remarks by Moderators

13:30-14:00                         Keynote speeches from Hungarian Water Cluster, Hungarian Water Association and ASEM Water Resources Research and Development Center

14:00-16:00                          Field Trip

Route 1.                                   WWTp visit in Csepel

Route 2.                                   Reservoir visit Gellérthegy

Route 3.                                   University session at Budapest University of Technology